An easy-to-use, cloud-based CRM – anywhere, anytime

Intrix CRM is 100% adjustable to boost your sales and business processes

A comprehensive view of your customers

Intrix CRM provides you with a 360-degree view of your customers and an overwiev of all sales activities in one place.

For each customer, you can track all the important information recorded either by you or your colleagues.

Having all the key information at hand, your employees will be able to establish excellent business relationships with customers.

  • 360° view
  • Possible to display financial data from your ERP system
  • Display of locations of companies on a map (integration with Google Maps)


Sales process support

Intrix CRM helps you manage your sales process from the first contact with the customer until the final purchase and after-sales support. At any time, you have a complete overview of all sales opportunities.

Your sales process can be partly automated: certain steps of the process can be anticipated and carried out automatically (creation of follow-up activities).

  • Flexible sales process
  • Automatic creation of sales activities
  • Filtering of opportunities by various parameters

Organizing sales team using the calendar

The Intrix calendar allows you to monitor various activities for yourself as well as for your colleagues. It offers much more than standard calendars: you can monitor different types of activities, which you can simply link to your clients: meetings, calls, tasks, services, etc.

You can look at the schedules of several employees at the same time, which allows you to effectively monitor the sales team and facilitates the search of common free periods.

  • Possible integration with iOS and Android mobile phones
  • Possible integration with other calendars (Outlook, Google)
  • SMS and e-mail reminders for important activities

Support of marketing processes

Intrix CRM includes a built-in module for the management of different types of marketing campaigns. Potential contacts can be filtered according to desired criteria. For selected contacts, marketing campaigns (events, seminars, e-mail, direct marketing, etc.) can be created.

  • Ability to print labels and envelopes
  • Calculation of campaign’s gross margin – general performance report
  • Filtering of contacts by past campaigns

Intrix mobile app

Intrix mobile app for Android and iOS platforms uses the latest technologies to deliver revolutionary mobile user experience.

The mobile app is completely customizable to your business process. With just one click, you can access all the data about your customers, quickly record a new appointment, a task, a reminder, or find detailed information about any individual customer.

  • Customizable user interface
  • User-friendly apps for Android and iPhone smartphones
  • An outstanding organizer for managing appointments and activities

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Monitoring of support, complaint and service claims

Intrix CRM enables you to monitor customers’ claims from the first contact (received email or call) to the conclusion of support (reply to the client).

There are also possibilities of automatic capturing of incoming emails and segmentation according to priorities, executors and support areas.

  • Possible integration with IP telephony
  • Automatic capturing of support claims
  • Recording of the support team’s responsiveness

Interactive dashboard with key performance indicators

The Intrix dashboard can display various reports in one place. It provides immediate insight into key performance indicators in your company.

Dashboard can be personalized and adjusted to show only the data that is important to you.

  • Personalizable interface
  • Possibility of sending free SMS messages
  • Possible to create several different dashboards


Support for project management

The ability to manage internal or implementing projects. You can attribute each project a project team, define its tasks and deadlines, track income and expenses, monitor time consumption, store documents, etc.

A part of the project module can be a custom-made Gantt chart.

It is also possible to automatically create tasks from project templates.

  • Display of project progress
  • Financial monitoring of projects (calculation of gross margin)
  • Advanced reports for individual projects

Integration with ERP systems

Intrix is interoperable with various ERP information systems, such as Pantheon, SOAP, MS Navision, SAP, Largo, Vasco, E-invoicing, etc.

The standard integration includes two-way synchronization of companies and contacts, one-way transmission of offers and orders, and one-way transfer of financial data from ERP systems to Intrix.

The integration with ERP is closely involved in the sales process, which is defined in Intrix.

  • Various technical ways of integration
  • Possible to connect to your internal systems (those developed by your company)
  • Possibility of custom advanced integrations

pantheon, saop, sap, vasco, dynamics nav

Integration with bulk email and marketing automation software

Intrix is interoperable with various marketing programs for mass communication with your contacts and marketing automation.

The connection with bulk email programs (MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Eglasnik) is two-directional, so you can also follow the results of the campaign (statistics) in Intrix.

Intrix is also interoperable with different marketing automation systems for more detailed monitoring of leads and marketing automation (Net Results, Sales Manago, Intercom, Slack etc.).

  • Preparation of lists of contacts (segmenting, filtering)
  • Integrations with different systems
  • Statistics of campaigns on the contact tab

Integration with IP telephony

Intrix CRM is connectable to various IP telephone systems: Avaya, Megatel, Centreks, Alstar, Asterisk, Cisco.

The link works for both incoming and outgoing calls. When you receive a call, Intrix automatically recognizes the contact, opens the customer’s card and offers the field to enter your content.

Outgoing calls can be done by simply clicking on a phone number in Intrix. This initiates a call at the central and at the same time opens the form where you can write down the content of the call.

  • Connection to physical and software (softphone) phones
  • Connectability to various telephone systems
  • The possibility of integration in support departments



Resource planner

A comprehensive view and allocation of all your resources in one place. Transparent and simple.

You can manage various resources, such as vehicle fleet, facilities, equipment, personnel and the like. The planner is closely integrated with all your data in CRM (activities, meetings, projects, etc.) and shows the occupancy of all resources on one timeline.

  • Any kind of resources (personnel, vehicles, facilities, etc.)
  • Simple and quick changes

Web to Lead

If there is an inquiry form on your website, it makes sense to connect it with Intrix. All data from the web form is automatically transferred to Intrix – as a new contact or a new opportunity.

In the same step, Intrix can also assign an action to a certain responsible person so the inquiry does not get forgotten.

  • Integration through Intrix API
  • The possibility of advanced connections with your website
  • Automation of the process possible


Intrix CRM API

Intrix CRM API

Intrix CRM supports dedicated APIs (Application Programming Interface) for integration with other software solutions. With the help of APIs, Intrix can be connected with any other application.

Intrix APIs are appropriately adjusted according to different business processes.

  • Flexible API interface
  • Connectability with various programmes
  • Simple use (documentation)

Multilingual use

Intrix can be used in different language versions. Apart from its native Slovene language, it has already been translated into English, German, Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian. We can easily translate it into any other language as well.

  • Can be translated into any language
  • Multiple languages can be used simultaneously
  • Custom printouts (offers, contracts) in any languages

Večjezična uporaba


Email and SMS reminders

You can add e-mail or SMS reminders to all kinds of records in the Intrix CRM system (activities, tasks, meetings, etc.). So the system will additionally bring to your attention the things that are important to you.

  • Scheduling of email reminders with messages of your choice
  • Possible to schedule SMS reminders for different users
  • Possibility of sending SMS messages from the dashboard

Integration with other calendars

Do you want to use data from Intrix in your other preferred calendar as well?

Via the iCal standard, Intrix is connectable to different calendars. This means you can easily connect the Intrix calendar with Outlook, Google and other calendars.You can find instructions here.

  • Connection to MS Outlook calendar
  • Connection to Google calendar
  • The possibility of choosing which data should be synchronized


Intrix CRM mobile app

Take your business with you – anywhere and anytime! Through your mobile Intrix CRM, you can easily access all customer data or set a reminder for an important call even when you are on a business trip

Total security of data