Intrix 2FA Recovery codes

When setting up two-factor authentication, 10 recovery codes are shared and are available for download. Each code can be used once and allows you to log in to the app and bypass two-factor authentication. In order to login, your username and password will still need to be correct before entering a recovery code.

IMPORTANT! We urge you to obtain your 10 recovery codes and store them in a safe place as soon as you set up 2FA.

How to get recovery codes?

Go to Settings and select Password & Security in the right column.

For Two-step authentication, click on “Recovery codes”.

2fa recovery codes intrix

To display the recovery codes, enter the 6-digit code that you will receive on your phone or in the authentication application and click on “GET THE CODES”

recovery codes recovery 2fa intrix

You will receive 10 recovery codes that you can print, download or copy to a safe location.

recovery codes recovery 2fa intrix

How to log in to Intrix with a recovery code?

As before, enter your username and password and click “SIGN IN”. The next sign-up step will appear, where you will have to enter a 6-digit code from your mobile phone or authenticator app in the boxes.

If you have lost access to your 2FA device, click on “Sign in with recovery code”.

Find the recovery codes you’ve printed, downloaded, or saved. Use 1 of the 10 recovery codes, enter it in the application form and click “SIGN IN”.

recovery code enter for 2fa intrix

You can delete the recovery code you used to log into the Intrix app from your list, as it is only valid for a one-time login.

If you haven’t saved your recovery codes and don’t have access to your phone or authentication app, we can help.

Enrolling in Intrix or disabling 2FA through support is only done when the user no longer has access to the device’s 2FA or recovery codes.

If you haven’t saved the codes, contact us at