Based on pay-per-use

Pay-per-use. No surprises, no commitment, no risk.


22per user per month

For most companies, adjustments possible



32per user per month

Highly customized CRM, integrations with other systems


Private cloud

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Installation on your own servers

We take care of data security, smooth operation and regular upgrades, so you can focus on your business.
Monitoring of companies and contacts
Monitoring of opportunities and activities
Secure connection SSL
Mobile application (iOS & Android)
Automatic notifications via e-mail
SMS and e-mail reminders
Connection with AJPES and Dun & Bradstreet databases
Project management
Marketing campaigns and claims
Limiting access to IP addresses
Envelope and sticker printing
Connection to e-mail (sent/received)
User support
Possibilities of basic adjustments
Possibilities of advanced adjustments
Connection to IP telephony
ERP integration
API program interface

Frequently asked questions

A few days before your trial expires, you will be contacted by one of our consultants to discuss your questions and suggestions, plan next steps and choose the most appropriate package for your needs. All data you have entered will be saved. If you decide to not continue, after the expiry of 30 days from the initial log in, the application will lock and your data will be deleted.
User is a person in your company which has access to Intrix system. User can access and use Intrix on multiple platforms (PC, tablet, mobile phone). We can assign any access level (rights) to each user. For each user, you see a log of his activities in the system.
The costs of using the Intrix CRM application depend on the number of users. Select the most approprate model from the packages listed above, determine the number of users and get a 100-percent control over costs.
Upon termination of Intrix CRM all data is transferred to the user in standard CSV format. In 30 days, all data in the base is deleted.
Additional adjustments are calculated by the actual time spent. Our consultants consider your wishes in detail, offering an assessment of the required time – and after your confirmation, the adjustments are made.
The payment is made after received monthly invoice. The monthly invoice for the current month is issued at the beginning of the month.
You can discontinue using it at any time without any further obligations. In case of termination, you should inform us one month in advance. Upon termination, we export your data into an appropriate format. Then, within one month, your application is deleted.

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For thousands of satisfied users, Intrix is ​​already an indispensable tool for increasing sales, more efficient marketing, taking care of complaints and organizing services.