Additional actions on your tabs


Let’s get to know the additional actions on tabs. By clicking on the triangle that appears when switching tabs, additional actions are opened, allowing you to view predefined views and add new entries.

Quick addition of a new entry

When the mouse is placed on the tab title, you will see a white triangle. When placing your mouse on it, a drop-down menu opens where there is a button for quick addition of new entries. By clicking “Add”, you will open an empty input form.

The “Email” tab is excluded from this action, the “Add” button is not available, as new entries in this tab are not created manually.

Quick display of saved views

All saved views or filters available in the tab are also displayed in the drop-down menu. “Common views” are displayed first. Those are the views shared by all users of the application; with all available filters on a specific tab. Under them “My views” are placed, where the user has access to the filters created and saved by himself.

Deleted entries

As the last option, “Deleted entries” are available. By clicking “Deleted entries”, the user opens the trash, where all entries that have been deleted on a tab are located.

If there are no saved views or filters on the tab, only the “Add” button and “Deleted entries” are displayed to the user.

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