Record card – summary and subtabs

We will get to know the elements on the record card in Intrix, what they are intended for and how they can help us work faster and more efficiently.

Summary card

Summary card is the exposed part of the record card, on which the most important information of each record can be immediately seen.

The fields on the summary card are set up systemically, but each user can set the order of fields and the number of fields according to their preference. The business card can also be without added fields, which is especially useful when working with users or codes. For the best overview of the entire record card, we recommend setting up 6 to 8 fields.

The summary card setup can also be changed back to the “Default sorting” at any time, meaning the way it is set up in the system.


The Communication and Details subtabs are located under the Summary card. At the company level, the Reports subtab can also be displayed within the system.

The user can set the order of subtabs as desired. By clicking on “Customize”, a pop-up window opens where we can change the order using the drag & drop function. Editing is completed by clicking on the “Save” button.

By clicking on “Default sorting”, the sequence of subtabs returns to the system setting.


In this subtab, you can find “Quick actions” that allow you to add a new comment, reminder, activity, meeting, task, time consumption, document attachment and “Timeline” that offers an overview of all planned and completed events. Comments are visible here by default, while other quick actions can be displayed or excluded in the system settings on your page according to your preference.

In the timeline, you’ll find all planned and completed events that are related to a specific record card. At the user level, its content is completely customizable using filters. You can add or remove any values that are available.


The subtabs on the record card are vertically arranged one under the other on the Details subtab. By clicking on the triangle next to the subtab name, we can open it in an expanded view. Clicking on the “Edit” button allows editing of all fields available for a specific record.

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